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Katja Broddesson

I love the dimension this portfolio has added to my impression of you! Great pics and great tunes, too. You should be proud of yourself.

Judy Chen

This is great!!! I just love the overall idea for your eportfolio. It's very creative and when I first read about it, I was thinking to myself "Dangit I don't have a band to do it on!!" =) I think by using BNI and the focus for this eportfolio is a wonderful way to introduce this band to the world.

Cathy Clamage

Wonderful site you guys! I love the beautiful photographs and the thoughtful, well-written articles by Toni. You continue to amaze me girl!
One of my biggest regrets is not having heard your group perform. I'm getting your CD and will await your return to the touring scene with a gig in North Carolina!

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